Alignment Strict good
Patronage Justice, nobility, protection and honor
Physical Attributes
Form Dragon
Gender Female
Skin Diamond
Eyes None
Hair None
Other Stats
Affiliations Pantheon
Allies Zardich
Enemies Amaitt
Followers Tumahabism
Tumahab is the dragon goddess of the Pantheon for the Dragonbrood. She is often referred to as the "Brood Mother" or "Diamond Dragon" because of her clear crystalline skin.


Early Life

Tumahab is the twin sister of Amaitt, the demonic dragon lord of Desha. Both are creations of the eternal dragon, Zardich. Tumahab is on a constant quest with her followers to bring Amaitt to justice for abandoning Zardich and adopting the path of evil, leading to his banishment to work the mines of Desha. This struggle even resulted in the Great Dragonic War on Martkos.


Tumahab's obsession with Amaitt caused all dragons to pick a side. The resulting war fell into the mortal world causing the extinction of many races and species of Ancient Earth. To make up for this, Tumahab rewarded the remaining few dragons with mortal offspring; the Dragonbrood. Soon after this, though, Amaitt made one final attack that left all dragons locked in the mortal realm without any memories of the war. They now have no moral guidance and can wreak major havoc for the races of Martkos. Runai particularly resent the dragons and therefore have a continuing discrimination for most Dragonbrood.


Tumahab continues to atone for the damage Amaitt caused by calling on followers to tame or eliminate remaining dragons on Martkos. She still hopes to bring Amaitt out of Desha and turn him back towards loyalty to Zardich, including reinstatement to the Pantheon.



Tumahab is a strict good deity. She follows adherence to the virtue of nobility, having a sense of honor in all her acts. Among this nobility is her need to protect those less fortunate and always committing to justice.


  • Uphold highest ideals of honor and justice
  • Be constantly vigilant against evil and oppose it on all fronts
  • Protect the weak, liberate the oppressed, and defend just order


Dragonbrood are raised to follow Tumahab loyally. Because she is believed to be the mother of their race, societies incorporate a strict judicial system ensuring true justice is found even with their fiercest enemies. Lawful paladins of any race often revere her, as well as any remaining dragons.

Organized Religion

Tumahab is one of the few deities to have organized groups of followers under a hierarchy. Where most deities have some clergy worshiping in their honor or followers praying in their name, Tumahab has "Tumahabists". Tumahabism is broken up into two factions; Dragonics and Bahastants. Dragonics have a stricter set of dogmas all commanded under an appointed Vicar. Bahastants hold just as much reverence for justice and honor, but do not contain such a hierarchy. Instead, they have vocational leaders representing certain territories.